Good Grief… !

July 7, 2009

Will the madness never end?
Islamic Jihadists are swarming like cockroaches out of the ninth century in a last ditch effort to rectify the wrongs of the Crusades.
Narcissist dictators around the world strut like peacocks attempting to test our mettle.
Porous borders are leaking illegal immigrants into the country draining our welfare coffers.
California is paying its bills with IOUs—whatever that means.
The lunatic love children and latent Leninites of the 1960s and 70s have aged into positions of power at all levels of our government.
Former leaders of ADA, Weather Underground, SDS, et al. have been elected to Congress or have infiltrated our educational system at every level.
Our government is issuing Monopoly money in a vain attempt to solve economic problems decades in the making.
Propaganda is being designed to put our minds at ease and convince us that the proposed collectivist measures being undertaken are not really Socialism. It is being pumped into our homes 24/7 on full-color HDTV. A feat that would make Paul Joseph Goebbels green with envy if he could compare it to his beggarly street corner loud speakers of the 1930s.
More and more jobs are lost daily. The government is taking over industry after industry along with our banking system as we continue to increase our debt to China and India.
We pretend to to cut our dependence on foreign oil with propeller windmills and “bio-mass” fuels which are little more than burning our trash, wood, and animal dung. A practice well known to the pioneers and Native Americans as they sought dried “buffalo chips’ and sticks for fire making. Then we call that modern “green” technology. To add insult to injury we confiscate the world’s food supply to make Ethanol. This is all done, proclaims the wild-eyed Mad Woman of Shiloh in the House of Representatives, in order to “save the planet”.
But, what do the mainstream media’s mental mastodons focus on incessantly for days into weeks on end? The death of a pathetic black kid, warped and distorted throughout his childhood; the “King of Poop… Poop, Poop, Ee Doop”. His mentally disturbed antics placed him in the public eye and made him millions. He was applauded by and surrounded with xenophiles who encouraged him without negative counsel for fear of killing the “Golden Goose”. They stood by and watched as a handsome black man converted himself through the miracle of modern plastic surgery into an ugly white woman. They did nothing as he slipped ever deeper into killer addictions. Now they’re fawning all over him with hand wringing and crocodile tears and the whole world joins in.
Where are our priorities? Where is common sense? Where is the fear of the real dangers rampant around the globe? Talk about bread and circuses! I’m thinking the first fiddle in the “King’s” requiem will be named Nero.