Homophobe?! HOMOPHOBE!? You have the temerity to call a judge of the Supreme Court a homophobe? You ignorant, arrogant pervert! Your kind is not “feared”. They are despised and detested.
Your kind has perverted their own sexuality and attempted to pass it off as an alternative lifestyle.
They have perverted our language by calling themselves “gay” which seems rarely the case.
They have perverted our sense of decency by promoting their cause cavorting in lewd street demonstrations.
They have perverted the development of our youth by promoting their foolishness in our classrooms under the guise of tolerance and diversity.
They have perverted our right to freedom of speech by creating something called “hate speech”. Yet we must accept all manner of profanity and filth as constitutional.
They now attempt to pervert the sanctity of marriage, the very backbone of our culture. The family system of a man, a woman, and children upon which our culture was built, has grown, and has thrived since the Dark Age.
And you…, you were instrumental in the perversion of our rational system of lending money only to those with a reasonable expectation they have the ability to pay it back. This on the pretext everyone is “entitled” to a home. Now you grandiosely cast aspersions everywhere but upon yourself. Like the farter in the elevator who immediately shifts their eyes accusingly on those standing nearby.
It is not a phobia that motivates attempts to preserve the culture which built the world in which we have been privileged to live. It is anger. Anger over the destructive forces of perversity rampant in the land. Perversity perpetuated through tolerance of the irrational. Perversity through political correctness, moral equivalency, and so-called diversity.
If, indeed, homosexuality is denigrated and loathed it is because of what it has slowly and steadily foist upon our culture. I would counsel you, sir, to pray, and pray hard, that the Muslim world is unable to achieve their avowed objective of world domination. As so curiously observed by Achmedinijad; there are no homosexuals in Iran.