Ever since the Clintons favored us with a “two-for-one” presidency it has been exasperating keeping track of their numerous nefarious acts. Who can forget “Hillary Care”? A health care reform process that cost the taxpayers over $13 million only to fail even though she had threatened to demonize anyone who opposed it.

Hillary assumed authority for selecting a female Attorney General. After two failures she settled on Janet Reno. Even Bill Clinton admitted the appointment to be his “worst mistake”, the Waco debacle being the most obvious.

The Clintons installed Hillary’s former Law partners into high positions in the government. Web Hubbell to the Justice Department from which he went to prison. William Kennedy was ultimately forced to resign from his position in the Treasury. Their White House staff appointment, Vince Foster, allegedly committed suicide under circumstances which raised many still unanswered questions. The allegations surrounding the death of Ron Brown, their appointment as Commerce Secretary, who died in a plane crash in Bosnia are mystifying. After questions arose regarding his fund raising practices; the threat of indictments grew and Brown stated publicly that he would not go to jail alone. The apparent result from this veiled threat is reminiscent of the days of the Chicago Mob which in the 1930s populated the bottom of Lake Michigan with innumerable bodies shod in concrete galoshes. Hm-m; Hillary comes from Park Ridge, IL, an upper class suburb of Chicago.

The Clinton’s choice for Director of White House Security, Craig Livingstone, a close friend, met a not dissimilar fate when he was investigated for improper access to 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies along with the problem of the White House Staff’s use of drugs. The Clintons simply denied knowing him. This Clinton lie was later exposed by the testimony of an FBI agent during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in 1996. At least Craig lived to tell the story.

In “travelgate” the entire staff of the White House Travel Office was fired for “gross mismanagement” and their careers ruined in order to make way for Clinton”s friends, the Harry Thomasons. So much for job security in the Civil Service System. Only one of the former travel office workers was ever indicted on any charges, and his charge was dropped after only two hours of deliberation.

As for Bill’s sexual promiscuity; who can forget Paula Jones and the myriad other women who accused him of rape and sundry other crimes, or Monica Lewinsky and fellatio in the same White House office wherein Ronald Reagan would not even remove his suit coat out of respect?

When Hillary wouldn’t release the Whitewater documents Ken Starr was appointed as Special Prosecutor. After an $80 million dollar expenditure of taxpayer money the investigation led to Monica Lewinsky and Bill showing himself as the liar he is: “I never had sexual relations with that woman…”. This all cost Bill his license to practice law and brought on the impeachment proceedings by the House. How many former presidents can lay claim to that legacy?
Hillary found herself in a similar predicament nearly getting herself indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. She managed to avoid it by repeatedly declaring; “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” fifty-six times while under oath. And now we learn she has received a huge advance on a book of her memoirs. Perhaps she has now discovered a cure for amnesia.
Her book “It Takes a Village” clearly demonstrates her Socialist approach to governance.
Seeking a Senate seat in a state in which she never lived brought forward more despicable acts by the Clintons as Bill pardoned FALN terrorists to gain Latino votes and the New Square Hassidim to attract Jewish votes. Bill also pardoned several of her brother’s clients for monetary gain.
Then to add insult to injury, as the saying goes, the Clintons left the White House taking with them some $200,000 worth of White House furniture, china, and artwork which had to be returned after considerable public pressure.
All these facts are but the high spots in two political careers truly without precident. And NOW, I hear on the news there is a great deal of talk and consideration being given to the idea of Chelsea Clinton running for president in 2016. When, oh when, dear God—when will the curse of the Clinton dynasty be removed from our dreams? When will the nightmare end?