Having just read a disturbing post by Askmom regarding the teaching of her daughters hygiene class, now corrupted to a sex education class; I am moved to post an excerpt from a full length rant on which I am working. This rant I have chosen to name, “The View at 80”. A perspective from which one has a better vision of what has transpired to get our nation and our culture to the point at which it appears to have arrived. It is a point not unlike that at which Rome found itself in its latter days. The problem begins well before the Civil War even unto the days of the Industrial Revolution. Many aspects of our current situation are but collateral damage in the war between the burgeoning working class and industrial capitalism. To reverse the process, or even to stop it is akin to the Hindu Zealots attempting to stop a Juggernaut. It is virtually impossible. In the attempt they will be crushed into martyrdom. Excerpt follows:

…by 1950, while everyone was busy raising families and enjoying the fruits of a lifestyle and culture their fathers never knew. In 1965, 100 years after the spread of the teachings of Marx and Engels, a festering pustule broke open on an unsuspecting society which by now is embroiled in Viet Nam on a desperate attempt to stem the tide of socialism/communism from the outside not realizing radical left-wing ideologies had been growing and putrefying in our colleges and universities over the past century. Our response was talk of tolerance, understanding, and political correctness. The result—a thousand political activists, all products of our institutions of “higher learning” which had been infiltrated over the ensuing years. [by collectivist followers of Marx and Engel, et alii. ] Institutions now disgorging by the thousands; activist lawyers (neo Lysander Spooners), pseudoscientific environmentalists (neo-Thoreaus), free love feminists (neo-Virginia Woodhulls), left-wing journalists (neo-Benjamin Tuckers), and homosexual any of the above (neo-Walt Whitmans). The enemy is among us, they look, talk, and act like us because they are us. Years of conditioning by advertising psychology has dulled our ability to question anything we see or hear in the media which has expanded to literally everywhere. Product ads on our clothes; fashions set by the lowest common denominator of taste all because it sells. We are treated to every kind of sleaze under the banner of free speech. Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal non-music, or worse yet, “gangster rap” fills the airwaves. If it is on TV, in a magazine or newspaper—wherever, we believe it’s true without a question. It sounds like nonsense when one points out that the hamburger just removed from the foil steam-wrapper looks nothing at all like the picture on the menu board. Nobody challenges it and it really doesn’t matter if they are that gullible. But—and herein lies the problem—the same attitude obtains as they listen to the political rhetoric or to some Hollywood celebrity promoting a half-baked, bleeding heart cause. For all our talk of freedom of speech we’ve become delusional with all the Politically Correct bunkum and balderdash. And, it may well be our undoing. All manner of obscenity is foist upon the public, but vehement criticism of it is deemed hate speech and thereby forbidden by law. So much for freedom of expression if it goes against the secular agenda… .

One must wonder exactly what the “feminist movement” has accomplished for the betterment of women and the American family—the very cornerstone of American culture.