God has blessed America in that there are still enough of the right kind of men… and women… around to do the job necessary to protect all that has been achieved by the sacrifices of so many to whom we pay homage today. Now if only it were possible to rid the nation of all those who don’t seem to fully appreciate what we have here—that would truly be a great blessing.

My mother had an expression she used a lot when I was a kid. “If you give people enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves.” It was sort of a corollary to something Goethe wrote: “Sometimes not getting what you want is preferable to getting what you want.” Or words to that effect. Those leaders with the wisdom and understanding who do know what is going on along with these brave young men and women not only must deal with our external enemies, but also the enemies within. They seem to have been barely able to keep those internal antagonists in check just enough to allow all the arrogant and misguided liberals to have sufficient freedom of speech to continue the carping rhetoric along with the pipe dream of their Utopian agenda.

My point is this. There are times when I think the only way for the liberal ignoramuses to learn a lesson is to give them what they want. Pull the troops out of everywhere. We might with equal wisdom cease sending our resources all around the globe trying to help the ungrateful masses who seem only to resent us as a result. Then we’d see how they dealt with the ensuing mayhem. It would be interesting to observe how fast they changed their demonstration signs from: “Bring our troops home…” to “The government isn’t doing enough to protect us!”.

For those of us old enough to really remember the buildup to WWII, we clearly recall the pacifists, anti war isolationists, the America First Committee, et alii, who kept the government’s hands so tied on any kind of preparedness that our soldiers were training with wooden guns while the smug French placed their confidence in the infamous Maginot Line. The public, more worried about from whence their next meal was coming, bought into the propaganda spread by the Father Coughlins and the German-American Bunds. It took Pearl Harbor to wake them up. Back then, however, they finally got the picture and rose to the occasion with a true understanding of what was at stake. Nearly everyone then loved and appreciated America and believed in the idea of Duty, Honor, Country. I am not at all certain that would happen today with way too many Americans.

It is sad to me that the crop of nitwits I see currently running for Congress, and even some for President, are out there promising people things they can in no way deliver. They are neither kings nor dictators. They apparently have no clue as to what is really transpiring and the voting public is even more in the dark. The real tragedy for those whose sacrifice we honor today is not that families gather to enjoy a backyard barbecue; but rather that we are slipping dangerously close to losing that for which those brave men and women gave their last measure of devotion, even their very lives.