I have often thought the lost art of oratory was in need of revival. Or, more accurately, an orator need come on the scene. Ronald Reagan came closest of anyone in recent times. I tend to see him more as a presenter. Clinton was considered by some to be a communicator. I’ve never quite figured out exactly what that means. My best guess would be something akin to “hot air merchant”. Both Bushes, Jimmy Carter, Nixon, Truman, Eisenhower could barely choke out a simple declarative sentence. I’m thinking more along the line of FDR (who my folks despised) or a Winston Churchill. For good or evil these men could rouse the sleeping spirit to action. Obama, it appears, is an orator. Empty rhetoric perhaps, but an orator nonetheless.

I recall conversations with a friend of mine; an advertising man from my era. He spoke of the art of message delivery-cum-oratory. He loved to compare Demosthenes and Aeschines. He claimed when Aeschines spoke, people remarked; “what a wonderful speech.” But, when Demosthenes spoke they cried out; “let us march against Phillip!” It would appear the populace is less moved by substance than by style. A fact of life regardless of the era.

Obama fills a need the public has to be inspired and motivated. I remember well the feeling we all had when we heard; “We will fight in the air, we will fight on the beaches, we will fight on the land! We will never give up, never give up, never!”

Would that McCain could turn some of his legendary inner rage into oratory which got thinking people off their butts and into the the streets. “To the ramparts! The enemy is upon us!”


God has blessed America in that there are still enough of the right kind of men… and women… around to do the job necessary to protect all that has been achieved by the sacrifices of so many to whom we pay homage today. Now if only it were possible to rid the nation of all those who don’t seem to fully appreciate what we have here—that would truly be a great blessing.

My mother had an expression she used a lot when I was a kid. “If you give people enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves.” It was sort of a corollary to something Goethe wrote: “Sometimes not getting what you want is preferable to getting what you want.” Or words to that effect. Those leaders with the wisdom and understanding who do know what is going on along with these brave young men and women not only must deal with our external enemies, but also the enemies within. They seem to have been barely able to keep those internal antagonists in check just enough to allow all the arrogant and misguided liberals to have sufficient freedom of speech to continue the carping rhetoric along with the pipe dream of their Utopian agenda.

My point is this. There are times when I think the only way for the liberal ignoramuses to learn a lesson is to give them what they want. Pull the troops out of everywhere. We might with equal wisdom cease sending our resources all around the globe trying to help the ungrateful masses who seem only to resent us as a result. Then we’d see how they dealt with the ensuing mayhem. It would be interesting to observe how fast they changed their demonstration signs from: “Bring our troops home…” to “The government isn’t doing enough to protect us!”.

For those of us old enough to really remember the buildup to WWII, we clearly recall the pacifists, anti war isolationists, the America First Committee, et alii, who kept the government’s hands so tied on any kind of preparedness that our soldiers were training with wooden guns while the smug French placed their confidence in the infamous Maginot Line. The public, more worried about from whence their next meal was coming, bought into the propaganda spread by the Father Coughlins and the German-American Bunds. It took Pearl Harbor to wake them up. Back then, however, they finally got the picture and rose to the occasion with a true understanding of what was at stake. Nearly everyone then loved and appreciated America and believed in the idea of Duty, Honor, Country. I am not at all certain that would happen today with way too many Americans.

It is sad to me that the crop of nitwits I see currently running for Congress, and even some for President, are out there promising people things they can in no way deliver. They are neither kings nor dictators. They apparently have no clue as to what is really transpiring and the voting public is even more in the dark. The real tragedy for those whose sacrifice we honor today is not that families gather to enjoy a backyard barbecue; but rather that we are slipping dangerously close to losing that for which those brave men and women gave their last measure of devotion, even their very lives.

Ever since the Clintons favored us with a “two-for-one” presidency it has been exasperating keeping track of their numerous nefarious acts. Who can forget “Hillary Care”? A health care reform process that cost the taxpayers over $13 million only to fail even though she had threatened to demonize anyone who opposed it.

Hillary assumed authority for selecting a female Attorney General. After two failures she settled on Janet Reno. Even Bill Clinton admitted the appointment to be his “worst mistake”, the Waco debacle being the most obvious.

The Clintons installed Hillary’s former Law partners into high positions in the government. Web Hubbell to the Justice Department from which he went to prison. William Kennedy was ultimately forced to resign from his position in the Treasury. Their White House staff appointment, Vince Foster, allegedly committed suicide under circumstances which raised many still unanswered questions. The allegations surrounding the death of Ron Brown, their appointment as Commerce Secretary, who died in a plane crash in Bosnia are mystifying. After questions arose regarding his fund raising practices; the threat of indictments grew and Brown stated publicly that he would not go to jail alone. The apparent result from this veiled threat is reminiscent of the days of the Chicago Mob which in the 1930s populated the bottom of Lake Michigan with innumerable bodies shod in concrete galoshes. Hm-m; Hillary comes from Park Ridge, IL, an upper class suburb of Chicago.

The Clinton’s choice for Director of White House Security, Craig Livingstone, a close friend, met a not dissimilar fate when he was investigated for improper access to 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies along with the problem of the White House Staff’s use of drugs. The Clintons simply denied knowing him. This Clinton lie was later exposed by the testimony of an FBI agent during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in 1996. At least Craig lived to tell the story.

In “travelgate” the entire staff of the White House Travel Office was fired for “gross mismanagement” and their careers ruined in order to make way for Clinton”s friends, the Harry Thomasons. So much for job security in the Civil Service System. Only one of the former travel office workers was ever indicted on any charges, and his charge was dropped after only two hours of deliberation.

As for Bill’s sexual promiscuity; who can forget Paula Jones and the myriad other women who accused him of rape and sundry other crimes, or Monica Lewinsky and fellatio in the same White House office wherein Ronald Reagan would not even remove his suit coat out of respect?

When Hillary wouldn’t release the Whitewater documents Ken Starr was appointed as Special Prosecutor. After an $80 million dollar expenditure of taxpayer money the investigation led to Monica Lewinsky and Bill showing himself as the liar he is: “I never had sexual relations with that woman…”. This all cost Bill his license to practice law and brought on the impeachment proceedings by the House. How many former presidents can lay claim to that legacy?
Hillary found herself in a similar predicament nearly getting herself indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. She managed to avoid it by repeatedly declaring; “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” fifty-six times while under oath. And now we learn she has received a huge advance on a book of her memoirs. Perhaps she has now discovered a cure for amnesia.
Her book “It Takes a Village” clearly demonstrates her Socialist approach to governance.
Seeking a Senate seat in a state in which she never lived brought forward more despicable acts by the Clintons as Bill pardoned FALN terrorists to gain Latino votes and the New Square Hassidim to attract Jewish votes. Bill also pardoned several of her brother’s clients for monetary gain.
Then to add insult to injury, as the saying goes, the Clintons left the White House taking with them some $200,000 worth of White House furniture, china, and artwork which had to be returned after considerable public pressure.
All these facts are but the high spots in two political careers truly without precident. And NOW, I hear on the news there is a great deal of talk and consideration being given to the idea of Chelsea Clinton running for president in 2016. When, oh when, dear God—when will the curse of the Clinton dynasty be removed from our dreams? When will the nightmare end?

Having just read a disturbing post by Askmom regarding the teaching of her daughters hygiene class, now corrupted to a sex education class; I am moved to post an excerpt from a full length rant on which I am working. This rant I have chosen to name, “The View at 80”. A perspective from which one has a better vision of what has transpired to get our nation and our culture to the point at which it appears to have arrived. It is a point not unlike that at which Rome found itself in its latter days. The problem begins well before the Civil War even unto the days of the Industrial Revolution. Many aspects of our current situation are but collateral damage in the war between the burgeoning working class and industrial capitalism. To reverse the process, or even to stop it is akin to the Hindu Zealots attempting to stop a Juggernaut. It is virtually impossible. In the attempt they will be crushed into martyrdom. Excerpt follows:

…by 1950, while everyone was busy raising families and enjoying the fruits of a lifestyle and culture their fathers never knew. In 1965, 100 years after the spread of the teachings of Marx and Engels, a festering pustule broke open on an unsuspecting society which by now is embroiled in Viet Nam on a desperate attempt to stem the tide of socialism/communism from the outside not realizing radical left-wing ideologies had been growing and putrefying in our colleges and universities over the past century. Our response was talk of tolerance, understanding, and political correctness. The result—a thousand political activists, all products of our institutions of “higher learning” which had been infiltrated over the ensuing years. [by collectivist followers of Marx and Engel, et alii. ] Institutions now disgorging by the thousands; activist lawyers (neo Lysander Spooners), pseudoscientific environmentalists (neo-Thoreaus), free love feminists (neo-Virginia Woodhulls), left-wing journalists (neo-Benjamin Tuckers), and homosexual any of the above (neo-Walt Whitmans). The enemy is among us, they look, talk, and act like us because they are us. Years of conditioning by advertising psychology has dulled our ability to question anything we see or hear in the media which has expanded to literally everywhere. Product ads on our clothes; fashions set by the lowest common denominator of taste all because it sells. We are treated to every kind of sleaze under the banner of free speech. Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal non-music, or worse yet, “gangster rap” fills the airwaves. If it is on TV, in a magazine or newspaper—wherever, we believe it’s true without a question. It sounds like nonsense when one points out that the hamburger just removed from the foil steam-wrapper looks nothing at all like the picture on the menu board. Nobody challenges it and it really doesn’t matter if they are that gullible. But—and herein lies the problem—the same attitude obtains as they listen to the political rhetoric or to some Hollywood celebrity promoting a half-baked, bleeding heart cause. For all our talk of freedom of speech we’ve become delusional with all the Politically Correct bunkum and balderdash. And, it may well be our undoing. All manner of obscenity is foist upon the public, but vehement criticism of it is deemed hate speech and thereby forbidden by law. So much for freedom of expression if it goes against the secular agenda… .

One must wonder exactly what the “feminist movement” has accomplished for the betterment of women and the American family—the very cornerstone of American culture.

Remembering Joe McCarthy

April 19, 2008

In the years following WWII, while the returned veterans were enjoying this “best of all possible worlds”; there were signs of problems and harbingers of what lay ahead. There were those who warned of the communist threat in our midst. Notable among them was Joseph McCarthy a Senator from Wisconsin. He was a regrettable ombudsman for the cause of seeking out those in our government and elsewhere who had collectivists leanings or were outright communists. His demeanor, lifestyle, and tactics were a distraction from the purpose for which he claimed to be dedicated. This notwithstanding, his warnings ultimately proved to be well advised. There were indeed people in the government who were bent on the destruction of our free and democratic republic. But, more so in Hollywood which had become a hot bed of radical thinkers in the lower echelons of writers and creative personnel. They would eventually rise to the top like scum on a stagnant pond. Even more frightening were those who were then ensconced in our colleges and universities who perceived Marx and Engels as heroes of their utopian thought process. We had just defeated two of the most formidable enemies the world had seen since Genghis Kahn and no one was willing to believe that victory could be abrogated by the likes of government servants, egg-headed professors, or Hollywood numb sculls. As so often is the case, we judged the message by the messenger and set aside his warnings. As a result others were cast in the same light who carried similar messages. There was a cartoon strip around that period called “Pogo”. The little Pogo character at some point made the statement; “we have met the enemy and he is us.” The nation was accustomed to big aggressive enemies and was concerned about the spread of communism everywhere in the world but where it mattered—here at home. Would that we might have seen past McCarthy’s feet of clay and observed the real threat that would burst forth upon us in the mid 1960s and throughout the 1970s. There is a Zen koan which tells of the monk who is attempting to point out the moon to his dog. The dog will only look at his finger. This same wisdom, had we been able to see past the messenger, might have saved our culture from itself.

Roe v. Wade explained…

April 16, 2008

Joy Whatshername, one of the mental mastodons on ABC’s “The View” has favored us with greater understanding of precisely what the motivations are of those who would repeal Roe v. Wade. They are simply “against women”. All along I foolishly thought the opposition was based on a concern for the life of the unborn. If this legislation had been promulgated by conservatives liberals would be accusing them of promoting genocide. Inasmuch as most of those seeking abortion on demand are poor and/or ignorant; with government funding we could likely achieve what Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele were unable to accomplish.

Were it not for her arrogance and ignorance one would suspect the woman to be the comedy relief on the show–if only she were funny.

Political fundraising…

March 30, 2008

To get an idea of what I mean by a “rant”; I submit the following excerpt from a recent letter written to my political party as a result of continual letters requesting donations. We could count on receiving at least one a week on average from the beginning of the so called political process. Not to mention the frequent phone calls from volunteers. One would think elections are awarded to the group that raises the most money. So much for political finance reform. The excerpt follows.

I can only imagine your disappointment when I tell you that I have no intention of fulfilling this commitment coerced from my wife on the telephone by V****** A*******, 12/7/07.
Perhaps that disappointment will make it easier for you to understand my disillusionment in feeling I have already paid far too much for a ringside seat at “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire II”.
We are overextended militarily protecting the sanctity of nearly every country in the world.
The barbarians are flooding across our borders changing our language and culture. Not to mention taking advantage of our educational and welfare systems.
The poor are sucking the life blood out of our middle class whose bread and circuses come in the form of tax rebates, giant screen Super Bowl Sundays, and computer games, vis. “Darfur is Dying”.
The elite ruling and business classes are corrupt and decadent. High taxes, high wages, and high salaries for top executives make it easy to decide to move the labor intensive aspect of their corporations offshore providing yet more and cheaper “bread and circuses” for the moribund middle class.
These high taxes mollify the poor with free medical care, food stamps, minimum wages, and miscellaneous entitlements. And anyone else with a hand open for earmarks and sundry Congressional boondoggles.
No child is left behind as, in lieu of teaching the history and principles which made this nation great, they are taught instead that our heroes had feet of clay. Their heads are filled with collectivist concepts of social engineering, ecological stagnation, and wealth distribution. Worse yet, hygiene studies have deteriorated to showing the methods for slipping a condom onto a cucumber.
While Rome burns, Nero fiddles to the tune of whether or not some baseball personality shot steroids into his butt. Our national morals would put a Roman Bacchanal to shame and we marvel that the Muslim world does not want our culture imported into theirs. No matter how bad theirs may seem.
At the age of 81 I have too long watched the American Spirit slip-slide down a dangerous slope. Like the Juggernaut that it is; it will gather momentum as it goes. It will kill or maim the zealots who hurl themselves into its path.
My $35.00 will neither forestall nor prevent the inevitable.
Warm Regards,

Glad you stopped by.

March 28, 2008

I have been advised by a close friend that the best way to relieve my need to rant was to set up a blog. I frankly think he was just tired of listening to me. But, now that he has gone his merry way my wife will have to re-assume her role as the “rant catcher.”