I was born in the “Show Me” state on the day and nearly the exact hour Calvin Coolidge dedicated Mt. Rushmore. I grew up watching former corporate executives selling apples on the streets of St. Louis. I saw unemployed laborers sculpting effigies of Jesus in the piles of wet sand of their stalled construction sites in hopes of a few coins from passers by. I listened as my parents ranted against the socialist programs instituted by F.D.R. None of which halted the Great Depression. Everyone was confident America would never be affected by the antics of the eggheads and crackpot professors infiltrating our colleges and universities. Earl Browder and Norman Thomas were scorned and denigrated as fringe lunatics. It took World War II and the firing up of America’s industrial might to bring any noticeable economic improvement.
Discharged from the service following WWII, I moved to Chicago. During the 1948 election I acted as a poll watcher in a neighborhood where the Democratic Precinct Captain took voters into the booth and instructed them in Italian while the police officer assigned to the polling place slept. While living a block south of Wrigley Field; Democratic Precinct workers hounded incessantly with offers to fix traffic tickets or sundry other similar personal services to garner one’s vote. After moving to a predominately Republican suburb outside of Cook County; I noted no one came to the door seeking my vote at election time. As a result I sought out and joined the Young Republicans. I was soon made President of the group and eventually was elected YR District Governor for the Illinois 14th Congressional District. This was during the same period another YR a few years younger than I, Donald Rumsfeld, was seeking to become state YR president. Too old to continue as a Young Republican I was elected a Republican Precinct Committeeman serving until I moved to a different area.
Since then I have painfully watched as the actions of both Republicans and Democrats have involved us in protracted wars; giveaways, in the vain hope of gaining their love, to countries which enviously despise our success; tax practices which sent our once great industrial base overseas; and socialist practices and entitlement programs which have rotted our lower and middle classes at their core.
Did I give up on the Republican Party; or did the Republican Party abandon me? Me and all the other Americans who believed all the “tell ’em what they want to hear” buncombe. Who believed that when their representatives got to Washington they would not succumb to the wiles of the myriad lobbyists and activists pushing for phony civil rights and special interest groups of all manner.  I am sick to death of the constant mailings seeking money thinly disguised as an asinine poll or survey: “Do you approve of America’s slide down the toilet?; Yes, No, No opinion.” I don’t want another phony plastic membership card nor certificate telling me I’m an honored member along with a lengthy letter telling me all the nasty stuff the Democrats, socialists, communists, and progressives are doing to destroy America. We know all that. I don’t want to hear how hard you are going to work to turn the country around and how much you believe in all the wonderful principles of God and country. We have the right to assume all of that.
I want you to “show me!” Show me what specific actions the party will take to rectify the damage done over the past four decades. How will the Republican Party fix a Legislature that insists on “earmark” projects and wasteful spending on unfunded entitlement programs? A legislature that feels comfortable voting themselves pay increases, perks, and benefits whenever the mood strikes. How will the Republican Party bring a halt to the Judiciary’s practice of creating laws by edict. What is the method by which the Republican Party will stop the Executive Branch from “ruling” through unelected czars and controlling our lives and freedoms through regulatory procedures. All of which most thinking people would call a dictatorship
Show me the leader with a strategy to fight our way out of the morass of the collectivist ideology which has been growing quietly in the obscurity of our educational system for the past 100 years and now infects our body politic. It is a sure path to slavery and threatens our very existence as a free nation.
Show me the leader with the wisdom to stop the insanity of spending our way to prosperity. Who will cease giving away the prosperity we have developed over the years to the professional beggar nations of the world under the guise of compassion for which we only incur their wrath and disdain in return. A leader who will step to a high place and shout these realities to a waiting nation.
Show me the leader who will call a halt to an overextended military presence battling under the constraints of political correctness in the hope of protecting the sanctity and freedom of nearly every country in the world. And all while the barbarians are flooding across our borders changing our language and culture while taking advantage of our educational and welfare systems. A leader who realizes if we are to be engaged in two wars we must do so to win. To win means the enemy is defeated and subdued into surrender. It is called victory. We seem to have completely lost sight of the fact that war is about killing people and breaking things. It is not a training mission with the idea we can get someone else to do the job. It requires a leader who understands the lunacy of equipping our military with the finest weapons the 21st century can produce, then preventing them from using them to the fullest. Worse yet to put any of our servicemen on trial for allegedly giving a captured combatant a fat lip or a punch in the gut. Our brave warriors are being maimed or killed by 10th century cretins creeping around at night in bathrobes and turbans planting bombs by the roadside. In the last war America actually fought to complete victory, the two worst aggressors since Genghis Khan were brought to their knees in four years. The leader we need will understand that wars end, not with an exit strategy, but with victory. If this is not our objective then our military should be brought home to protect our own borders.
Show me the leader willing to call to account the career politicians, opportunistic lawyers, and big business brigands for their corruption and decadence. The same miscreants who have created a nightmare for medical practitioners attempting to avoid specious lawsuits while others in the field are busy defrauding the already over burdened system. The same culprits who now purport to solve the problem with a massive takeover of the health care industry. A leader who will cease allowing the alleged poor to continue sucking the life blood out of our middle class.
Show me the leader with the voice to put an end to the nonsense of multiculturalism and political correctness and the courage to confront the growing problems precipitated by the Muslim World as it attempts to crawl out of the tenth century. There is nothing multicultural about Islam. America, the melting pot; that is our culture. Regardless of from whence we came; we became Americans. Not British, German, French, Italian, or Polish-Americans. Americans—period. Those who are so enamored of another culture should go where that culture is practiced. Political correctness has done naught but stifle our right to freely express our thoughts on the pretext of sensitivity while the thin-skinned multiculturalists denigrate and ridicule without a second thought the beliefs and principles upon which America was built and flourished. The same beliefs and principles which gives them the right to spew their venom.
Show me the leader who recognizes the wealth of this nation was built on the wise usage of our natural resources; our forests, our oil, our coal, our ores and precious metals. It was not built on a gross national product of legal fees, interest on loans, insurance premiums and the like. God—or nature if preferable—has blessed us with rich natural resources.
Show me the leader who will not permit the utilization of this great asset to be abrogated by a cult of foolhardy ecologists in their misguided and narrow minded attempts to save an insignificant fish, owl, or polar bear. The arrogance of their mission confounds understanding. A leader who will husband the environment in a rational manner without the draconian measures currently obstructing the use of our natural capital while pretending to move us to energy independence.
Show me the leader who will bring honesty and common sense to the specious science of “climate change” perpetrated by a world-wide effort to relieve us of yet more of our tax dollars in pursuit of allegedly saving the planet while they build their own society on the pretext of reparations for our supposed misdeeds. A leader who will put a stop to the kind of foolishness that suggests humans exhaling CO2 is a contributing factor in the earth’s destruction. What’s next? Shall we prepare the Kool-Aid?
Show me the leader who will inspire the “silent majority” now awakened to the dangers threatening the very existence of our country and who have found their voice through the “tea parties”, “town halls,” and marches on Washington. A leader with the will and the capacity to inspire these formerly “silent” who now stand ready to storm the bastions of the growing collectivist oppression that threatens our free society. Empty rhetoric has blinded and deceived the electorate. This battle cannot be fought with training seminars, advertising, phony polls and surveys, nor plastic membership cards. This battle requires the inspired rhetoric and powerful strategy of a leader with the testicular fortitude to speak out loud and clear—to take the fight to the adversary.
Show me that leader in the Republican Party and all who believe in preserving the greatness of America will follow. They will once again take pride in financial, ideological, and spiritual support.


Wisdom of the Ancients

November 8, 2009

I can only marvel at the astute understanding of the very nature of human existence demonstrated by the wisdom of the ancients. Whether deemed prophet or philosopher they had a remarkable grasp of the thought process of the vast majority of the bipedal beast and its mental paradigm relative to other animals.
Their observations of animal life in general cannot be different than what we may observe today. Over time these insights have been incorporated into the lexicon of animal congregation terminology. The choice of terms in each case clearly shows an understanding of the nature of each group. A collection of apes, for instance, are referred to as a shrewdness; a group of monkeys, a troop. Each term suggests an ability to analyze a situation independently and yet act as a unit. There are packs and bands of dogs and coyotes and foxes gather as a skulk. Each canine classification intimates at their ability to act in concert as they track, surround, and subdue their prey. And, of course, my very favorite, the pride of lions as they fiercely guard their territory. Pigs and cattle are moved in droves as they are pushed, prodded, and herded unwillingly to their ultimate demise as somebody’s dinner. None of these terms were chosen to characterize man by any of the early leaders, prophets, nor Jesus Christ in particular. Instead they chose to describe mankind in general and more specifically their followers as a flock. A flock might refer to a large group of birds, one of which appears to be the leader, flying thither and yon wherever that leaders chooses to go. More frequently a flock refers to sheep as in the case of Jesus who thence positioned himself as the Shepherd. Sheep, as an animal group, are most notably known for their habit of following das Arschloch in front of them wherever it may lead. They then stand around idly while they wait their turn to be fleeced all the while babbling vociferously amongst themselves. they have not the wit to choose a leader from among their own kind. Rather, they require a shepherd lest they wander off aimlessly to become a meal for a pack, band, or pride.
As a metaphor based on a deep understanding of the human condition it is remarkably accurate. It makes the biblical point beautifully for the followers of Christ or another wise leader whether one believes such leaders are Heaven sent or otherwise intellectually endowed. There is an obvious inherent danger in relying on this principle of the “good shepherd” to bring humanity to Glory. What happens when the shepherd has ulterior motives beyond the simple guidance of his flock through life? Ancient wisdom saw this dilemma of the good or bad shepherd as the struggle of good vs. evil, Christ vs. Satan. Call it what one will; the wrong shepherd is bound to lead the flock down the road to perdition.
Would that humankind—when defending righteous convictions—functioned more often with the shrewdness of apes; the unified pack action of the canines; or, better yet, the pride of lions.

Good Grief… !

July 7, 2009

Will the madness never end?
Islamic Jihadists are swarming like cockroaches out of the ninth century in a last ditch effort to rectify the wrongs of the Crusades.
Narcissist dictators around the world strut like peacocks attempting to test our mettle.
Porous borders are leaking illegal immigrants into the country draining our welfare coffers.
California is paying its bills with IOUs—whatever that means.
The lunatic love children and latent Leninites of the 1960s and 70s have aged into positions of power at all levels of our government.
Former leaders of ADA, Weather Underground, SDS, et al. have been elected to Congress or have infiltrated our educational system at every level.
Our government is issuing Monopoly money in a vain attempt to solve economic problems decades in the making.
Propaganda is being designed to put our minds at ease and convince us that the proposed collectivist measures being undertaken are not really Socialism. It is being pumped into our homes 24/7 on full-color HDTV. A feat that would make Paul Joseph Goebbels green with envy if he could compare it to his beggarly street corner loud speakers of the 1930s.
More and more jobs are lost daily. The government is taking over industry after industry along with our banking system as we continue to increase our debt to China and India.
We pretend to to cut our dependence on foreign oil with propeller windmills and “bio-mass” fuels which are little more than burning our trash, wood, and animal dung. A practice well known to the pioneers and Native Americans as they sought dried “buffalo chips’ and sticks for fire making. Then we call that modern “green” technology. To add insult to injury we confiscate the world’s food supply to make Ethanol. This is all done, proclaims the wild-eyed Mad Woman of Shiloh in the House of Representatives, in order to “save the planet”.
But, what do the mainstream media’s mental mastodons focus on incessantly for days into weeks on end? The death of a pathetic black kid, warped and distorted throughout his childhood; the “King of Poop… Poop, Poop, Ee Doop”. His mentally disturbed antics placed him in the public eye and made him millions. He was applauded by and surrounded with xenophiles who encouraged him without negative counsel for fear of killing the “Golden Goose”. They stood by and watched as a handsome black man converted himself through the miracle of modern plastic surgery into an ugly white woman. They did nothing as he slipped ever deeper into killer addictions. Now they’re fawning all over him with hand wringing and crocodile tears and the whole world joins in.
Where are our priorities? Where is common sense? Where is the fear of the real dangers rampant around the globe? Talk about bread and circuses! I’m thinking the first fiddle in the “King’s” requiem will be named Nero.

Homophobe?! HOMOPHOBE!? You have the temerity to call a judge of the Supreme Court a homophobe? You ignorant, arrogant pervert! Your kind is not “feared”. They are despised and detested.
Your kind has perverted their own sexuality and attempted to pass it off as an alternative lifestyle.
They have perverted our language by calling themselves “gay” which seems rarely the case.
They have perverted our sense of decency by promoting their cause cavorting in lewd street demonstrations.
They have perverted the development of our youth by promoting their foolishness in our classrooms under the guise of tolerance and diversity.
They have perverted our right to freedom of speech by creating something called “hate speech”. Yet we must accept all manner of profanity and filth as constitutional.
They now attempt to pervert the sanctity of marriage, the very backbone of our culture. The family system of a man, a woman, and children upon which our culture was built, has grown, and has thrived since the Dark Age.
And you…, you were instrumental in the perversion of our rational system of lending money only to those with a reasonable expectation they have the ability to pay it back. This on the pretext everyone is “entitled” to a home. Now you grandiosely cast aspersions everywhere but upon yourself. Like the farter in the elevator who immediately shifts their eyes accusingly on those standing nearby.
It is not a phobia that motivates attempts to preserve the culture which built the world in which we have been privileged to live. It is anger. Anger over the destructive forces of perversity rampant in the land. Perversity perpetuated through tolerance of the irrational. Perversity through political correctness, moral equivalency, and so-called diversity.
If, indeed, homosexuality is denigrated and loathed it is because of what it has slowly and steadily foist upon our culture. I would counsel you, sir, to pray, and pray hard, that the Muslim world is unable to achieve their avowed objective of world domination. As so curiously observed by Achmedinijad; there are no homosexuals in Iran.

A friend of mine recently lamented on the “Last of the Righteous” (“Letzte der Gerechte”); I have been giving it considerable thought since his email. Putting aside for the moment the more obvious reasons for the seeming demise of conservative thinking such as so-called “political correctness” and a clumsy if not inept Republican administration; I am concerned as to what actions or non-actions have contributed to this phenomenon. And, what actions, if any, could be taken to reverse the situation.

A study of the objectives, strategies, and tactics of the liberal movement indicates their objectives are as clear today as they were at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. At that time the proletariat—no doubt still smarting from their serfdom in the feudal system—had their cause taken up by lazy intellectuals like Karl Marx, et al. ( I am reminded of the comment attributed to Reich Marshall Göering: “When I hear the word ‘intellectual’, I reach for my revolver”.) Marx, neither a member of the elite nor willing to put his shoulder to the wheel as a worker, lived off the largesse of friends and mentors while he stirred up trouble among the working classes. He spent his life beating the tattoo of how “unfair” was the system which permitted the success of those with ideas for products and methods to provide goods and needed services to growing markets. The laboring class was with rare exception bereft of the wit to pour piss out of a boot even though the instructions were printed on the heel.

The Marxist objective was and is the redistribution of wealth according to the precepts of those intellectuals who thereby gain their power from a grateful proletariat. Little if anything has changed today. The ne’er-do-wells, nitwits, and knot-heads still covet that which others have achieved through hard work and thoughtful actions. Leftists of today busy themselves seeking out that which appears to be inequitable—ergo, “unfair”. They deny or refuse to recognize the difference between opportunity and entitlement. Thus the collectivist objective remains consistent and the working class numbskulls remain the pawns in the ongoing economic chess game.

The tactics, however, shift and change as strategic expedience dictates. It vacillates between obstructionism/violence and subterfuge/chicanery depending upon the strategy of the moment. When confrontational activism through strikes, civil disobedience, and violence ceases to be effective the strategy is changed to a more subversive/passive form. Following Chicago’s 1886 Haymarket Riot, realizing the dangers and downside of civil disobedience as a strategy, the decision was made by the radical elements involved to subvert the educational system instilling into the mush-filled heads of our youth the essential “unfairness” of the Capitalist system. A more recent example of this strategic shift is seen with the former Weatherman Underground “terrorist”, William Ayers. Why are we all surprised that after his failed attempts to overthrow our system through violence he disappears only to emerge on the scene 40 years later as an “educator”? And, where else  but the University of Chicago, a veritable hotbed of radical thinking? We have just elected to the Presidency one of his cohorts. Much has been made of Obama’s bad judgment in the choice of his associates—terrorists, radical preachers, and unsavory real estate con men, among others. This misses the point. If he had an equal number of associates who were not of this ilk it might present a different picture. He might be forgiven for his naivtè. But, this is not the case. It seems that all of his early associations are at best questionable. One must presume they all had, at the very least, shared objectives. By his own off-hand remark to “Joe the Plumber” caught on videotape, Obama is focused on redistribution of wealth with the objective of making things “fair”.

He achieved this position through empty rhetoric—utilizing oratory skills unheard in recent times. Whatever one may say in defense of George W. Bush’s skills; oratory would not be numbered among them. Thus if Obama’s objective is, as it would appear from his early associations, that of a collectivist society; then he will have achieved his activist goal through passive means. That is, by oratory, persuasion, and obfuscation of his true objective.

Conversely, an individualist/conservative society, one which functions on individual agency and a free market capitalist system, stands or falls on its merits. If you develop and well manage a product or service that people want—you win. If you create something nobody wants or don’t know how to manage the process—you lose. Everybody, including the government, minds their own business. Those less fortunate in intelligence, acumen, or physical capacity are dealt with through the charity of those who have managed to succeed and wish to share that success with others out of gratitude for their own good fortune. It is a free will culture where everyone must wisely administer their agency. It is essentially a passive process which does not readily lend itself to activist methodologies.

How does one impose on others the imperative necessity to exercise their free will? It would appear therefore it is possible to achieve activist objectives through passive means. Paradoxically, it is difficult if not impossible to achieve passive objectives through activist means. In short; how does one impose a conservative point of view upon the electorate in a manner like unto that which radical liberals are able to impose theirs? What manner of civil disobedience would be required to force the adversary to take responsibility for their own actions and sustenance? I have a hard time visualizing an activist conservative mob carrying placards reading: “Think for Yourself!”  “Hard Times Mean Hard Work!”  “There’s No Free Lunch!”  “Take Charge of Your Life!”           …“God Bless America!”

It is imperative that every thinking person be aware of what is and has long been transpiring in our country. We are being scammed from every direction; the so-called news media, advertising, Hollywood numb sculls, and any and all who distort facts and warp the information we receive to promote their objectives. They do it through the misuse of linguistics. Having spent over sixty years in advertising and marketing, I am reminded of a technique which often came into play when promoting a product of dubious purpose or value. If we didn’t have a real story to tell, we could always; “baffle ’em with BS, and dazzle ’em with opticals.” It is one thing to sell a cheesy dust mop or a Ginsu knife knockoff; it’s another thing altogether to sell a political agenda through spurious methods.

General Semantics, it would appear, is a discipline better suited to esoteric philosophy and mathematics than to a system for communicating with a populace speaking in sentences liberally interspersed with “like”. “Like Dude, it’s hard to, like, imagine they could, like, understand, like, the whole, like, concept of, uhhh like, time-binding uh, totally, like whatever.” General Semantics’ creator and early adherents; Alfred Korzybski, S.I. Hayakawa and others, in their attempts to give us the tools and the understanding of language and how it affects us emotionally have instead generated a nightmare of misuse of their information and theories. What has occurred is akin to giving six year old boys guns and live ammunition with which to play “cops and robbers”. Sooner or later it will come to a bad end. Our whole concept of reality is being turned upside down as politicians and social activists use the theory of Non-Aristotelian logic to twist language and the meanings of words. They do it to alter the way we understand and feel about the world around us. Politicians and activists of all stripes have taken the theories and perverted them to advance their various agendas. They have replaced common sense, which General Semantics holds to be irrelevant, with what amounts to total nonsense. We end up with triangulation, moral relevance, and a denial of soul and Spirit. The theory maintains “the map is not the territory”. That idea has been inverted and is used in the rhetoric directed at the uninitiated and poorly educated proletarian public precisely because they perceive things in just that manner—the word is the reality. Thus by renaming “welfare programs” and calling them “entitlement programs” what was originally conceived as a charitable effort ceases to be community largesse and becomes a “human right”—whatever territory for which that phrase is a map. It is all a sign of the beginning of the end of the life and culture we have known and loved. (cf. Isaiah 5:20–21)

Minds and emotions are continually manipulated for the purpose of obtaining tacit agreement to concepts barely understood. I have spoken often of what I call the “hamburger hoax”; showing a beautifully staged photo of a hamburger and then presenting something which in no way resembles the photo on the menu board. Somehow we find that acceptable. Too many are then distracted from the resulting fallacious images and ideas by gulping down the placating pap that comes through the TV in the form of sports events, reality shows, and the likes of “American Gladiator” and “Wipeout”. If the perpetrators cannot find a way to repurpose the words or their meanings, they simply undertake to remove them completely from our lexicon. We all stand by as religious symbols and ideals are removed from the public view by the secularists who prattle on about the separation of church and state while pretending their beliefs and ideals are not a religion. How long will it be before the emerging socialist government we are allowing to overtake our country decides on a “final solution” for Christians, as did an earlier socialist regime obsessed with negative feelings for the Jews? Will they then build a Colosseum and unleash the lions for the public amusement on NPR’s “This American Life” and title the program “Our Roman Heritage”?

God has blessed America in that there are still enough of the right kind of men… and women… around to do the job necessary to protect all that has been achieved by the sacrifices of so many to whom we pay homage today. Now if only it were possible to rid the nation of all those who don’t seem to fully appreciate what we have here—that would truly be a great blessing.

My mother had an expression she used a lot when I was a kid. “If you give people enough rope, they’ll eventually hang themselves.” It was sort of a corollary to something Goethe wrote: “Sometimes not getting what you want is preferable to getting what you want.” Or words to that effect. Those leaders with the wisdom and understanding who do know what is going on along with these brave young men and women not only must deal with our external enemies, but also the enemies within. They seem to have been barely able to keep those internal antagonists in check just enough to allow all the arrogant and misguided liberals to have sufficient freedom of speech to continue the carping rhetoric along with the pipe dream of their Utopian agenda.

My point is this. There are times when I think the only way for the liberal ignoramuses to learn a lesson is to give them what they want. Pull the troops out of everywhere. We might with equal wisdom cease sending our resources all around the globe trying to help the ungrateful masses who seem only to resent us as a result. Then we’d see how they dealt with the ensuing mayhem. It would be interesting to observe how fast they changed their demonstration signs from: “Bring our troops home…” to “The government isn’t doing enough to protect us!”.

For those of us old enough to really remember the buildup to WWII, we clearly recall the pacifists, anti war isolationists, the America First Committee, et alii, who kept the government’s hands so tied on any kind of preparedness that our soldiers were training with wooden guns while the smug French placed their confidence in the infamous Maginot Line. The public, more worried about from whence their next meal was coming, bought into the propaganda spread by the Father Coughlins and the German-American Bunds. It took Pearl Harbor to wake them up. Back then, however, they finally got the picture and rose to the occasion with a true understanding of what was at stake. Nearly everyone then loved and appreciated America and believed in the idea of Duty, Honor, Country. I am not at all certain that would happen today with way too many Americans.

It is sad to me that the crop of nitwits I see currently running for Congress, and even some for President, are out there promising people things they can in no way deliver. They are neither kings nor dictators. They apparently have no clue as to what is really transpiring and the voting public is even more in the dark. The real tragedy for those whose sacrifice we honor today is not that families gather to enjoy a backyard barbecue; but rather that we are slipping dangerously close to losing that for which those brave men and women gave their last measure of devotion, even their very lives.

Having just read a disturbing post by Askmom regarding the teaching of her daughters hygiene class, now corrupted to a sex education class; I am moved to post an excerpt from a full length rant on which I am working. This rant I have chosen to name, “The View at 80”. A perspective from which one has a better vision of what has transpired to get our nation and our culture to the point at which it appears to have arrived. It is a point not unlike that at which Rome found itself in its latter days. The problem begins well before the Civil War even unto the days of the Industrial Revolution. Many aspects of our current situation are but collateral damage in the war between the burgeoning working class and industrial capitalism. To reverse the process, or even to stop it is akin to the Hindu Zealots attempting to stop a Juggernaut. It is virtually impossible. In the attempt they will be crushed into martyrdom. Excerpt follows:

…by 1950, while everyone was busy raising families and enjoying the fruits of a lifestyle and culture their fathers never knew. In 1965, 100 years after the spread of the teachings of Marx and Engels, a festering pustule broke open on an unsuspecting society which by now is embroiled in Viet Nam on a desperate attempt to stem the tide of socialism/communism from the outside not realizing radical left-wing ideologies had been growing and putrefying in our colleges and universities over the past century. Our response was talk of tolerance, understanding, and political correctness. The result—a thousand political activists, all products of our institutions of “higher learning” which had been infiltrated over the ensuing years. [by collectivist followers of Marx and Engel, et alii. ] Institutions now disgorging by the thousands; activist lawyers (neo Lysander Spooners), pseudoscientific environmentalists (neo-Thoreaus), free love feminists (neo-Virginia Woodhulls), left-wing journalists (neo-Benjamin Tuckers), and homosexual any of the above (neo-Walt Whitmans). The enemy is among us, they look, talk, and act like us because they are us. Years of conditioning by advertising psychology has dulled our ability to question anything we see or hear in the media which has expanded to literally everywhere. Product ads on our clothes; fashions set by the lowest common denominator of taste all because it sells. We are treated to every kind of sleaze under the banner of free speech. Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal non-music, or worse yet, “gangster rap” fills the airwaves. If it is on TV, in a magazine or newspaper—wherever, we believe it’s true without a question. It sounds like nonsense when one points out that the hamburger just removed from the foil steam-wrapper looks nothing at all like the picture on the menu board. Nobody challenges it and it really doesn’t matter if they are that gullible. But—and herein lies the problem—the same attitude obtains as they listen to the political rhetoric or to some Hollywood celebrity promoting a half-baked, bleeding heart cause. For all our talk of freedom of speech we’ve become delusional with all the Politically Correct bunkum and balderdash. And, it may well be our undoing. All manner of obscenity is foist upon the public, but vehement criticism of it is deemed hate speech and thereby forbidden by law. So much for freedom of expression if it goes against the secular agenda… .

One must wonder exactly what the “feminist movement” has accomplished for the betterment of women and the American family—the very cornerstone of American culture.