Change I Can Believe In?

September 2, 2008

As those of my generation will surely recall; the Germans following WWI felt angst and anger at the reparations imposed by the Victors which was wreaking havoc on their economy and creating inflation of the worst sort. They were demanding “CHANGE”. Adolf Hitler offered “CHANGE” in the form of a socialist society extolling the virtues of the working classes and the down trodden while placing the blame for their predicament on the bankers, merchant and business classes who were in large part Jewish.  Hitler won the populist support through his skillful oratory thereby working the masses into a frenzy of belief. We are all too aware where that led.

Does the current situation not have a familiar ring? I tremble for the direction this country is taking. I reel under the thought of the effort it would take to turn this behemoth from the path it is on. I hear nothing but whining about the high price of gas and and about how “big oil” and “big pharmacy” are ripping us off. Who created the demand? Who has demanded big SUVs to haul kids to Little  League? We used to play ball in a nearby vacant lot… oh, yes; and without a cheesy uniform. Who demanded a pill for every little ache and pain? We used to find a Bayer aspirin sufficient for most non-life threatening ailments… oh, yes and there was always cod liver oil. Who demanded a pharmacological solution for keeping their kids under control? I seem to recall a swat on the butt was sufficient to bring most unruly kid’s attention deficit back into order.

For Hitler the scapegoat was the Jewish business leaders in his country and the Jews promulgating Bolshevism in Russia and thereabout. This time the “boogeyman” is big business. You know, the successful men and women who create the jobs for all the educational dropouts who want what the wealthy have, but don’t have the wit nor perseverance to obtain it. One need only review the financial status of all the many million dollar lottery winners a year or two after their “big win”. So, they buy into the first oratorical blowhard that comes along and promises he’s going to make certain we all get to share equally. One more utopian dream the real world will be forced to clean up after.

I hear all the complaints about the war which “Mr. BIG CHANGE” promises to bring to an end. It could have been brought to an end long ago had we actually fought a war. But the whiners, the nay-sayers, and our modern day Neville Chamberlain or Anthony Eden who believe diplomatic promises mean anything at all to people hell bent on killing off the infidels and taking over the world. We place our young men and women in danger for the right of these “hand-wringers” and Marxist thinkers to speak their mind. Then we bring them home and put them on trial for murder for daring to rid the world of some Islamic scum who otherwise would be back the next day to blow up more of their buddies with a homemade IED. When we speak up to bolster the American Spirit to win; we are derided as “jingoists.”

Those of my generation recall a far different American Spirit. We recall gas rationing; sugar, shoes, and coffee rationing; collecting paper, fat, and scrap metal; wrapping bandages for the Red Cross; selling/buying War Bonds. We recall Hollywood and its actors and movie makers creating movies which inspired and supported our armed forces. Of course they were propaganda. But it was propaganda which supported our cause, promulgated our beliefs, and inspired young and old alike to accept their share of the burden of winning. Today we have fatheads like Michael Moore to muddle the minds of the less than bright with propaganda based on distorted facts and best serving our enemies. We had “Rosie the Riveter” and every old geezer beyond the age of serving was a block air raid warden. With that attitude and the willingness to use the weapons we had, we managed to defeat two of the greatest menaces to world peace since Genghis Kahn in a matter of four years from less than a standing start. And today they are our allies in belief and in commerce. And finally; we all recall with a lump in the throat the Gold Stars hanging in the window of at least one house on every block. I do not see the testicular fortitude required to avoid a disaster.

“Change I can believe in”? I think not.