What we’re told

July 5, 2008

The original ruckus over “global warming” engendered enough negative connotations as a result of ombudsmen such as Al Gore it became necessary for its proponents to revise that term to “climate change”. It has now become necessary to find other key words with which to perpetuate fear and angst in a populace weary of an unending war and a weakening economy. Feeling the need to put a more positive spin on world conditions semantic manipulators have now begun to create new emotional meanings for words. Global warming and climate change have suddenly morphed into “green”. But, face it, green is just a color. It has no meaning beyond that. Whatever emotional connotation one may ascribe to it is purely subjective. Therefore it cannot be rationally challenged and thus needs no defense. It also happens to be the color of money, but the climate alarmists don’t want you to think about that so they keep up the tattoo of guilt that the issue is somehow the fault of humans. The whole global warming nonsense is all about getting money from new taxes; money to fund specious research on “climate change” in the social engineering institutions our colleges and universities have become over the last 100 years. The intension of promoters of human responsibility for permutations which have been occurring in nature since the beginning of time is to scare the common sense out of the public. All this in order to bring us to a mental state in which the people will clamor for government control. Can we say… socialism? The media have been willing propagandists in the charade. It fits their liberal socialist motives as well plus nothing sells like bad news—more money to promote their agenda. So now everyone begins jumping on the “green” bandwagon. It’s like a gigantic sales promotion program. “Go green, buy our product…”; “Buy our ‘green’ car today and get $2.99 gas for the next 3 years…” It’s a disgrace! It’s buncombe and balderdash! Meanwhile that bloated toad, Al Gore, uses enormous amounts of energy in his mansion and jet planes. On top of which much of his family wealth came from mining coal. My guess would be some of which was strip mining—really environmentally friendly. I just heard Nancy Pelosi declare that the idea of doing more drilling to advance the cause of energy independence was “a scam”. It is a big question as to who is scamming whom. It would be laughable if the temerity of her tactic were not so frightening.

Be all that as it may; for every scientist that supports the concept of man’s responsibility for the so-called warming trend there are ten others coming forth to offer countering views as to its existence and/or its cause. I recall in the late 1960s or early 70s when we were expected to panic over an impending ice age. By the time everyone had heard about the threat, the temperature trends began to reverse themselves. It is one of human nature’s failings to jump to conclusions on the basis of incomplete facts. Particularly in view of our experience any benefits of the conclusion all too frequently accrue to the financial advantage of the informant.

As to the responsibility factor and the ensuing guilt; one has to wonder just what those dinosaurs did to bring about their demise.


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