Glad you stopped by.

March 28, 2008

I have been advised by a close friend that the best way to relieve my need to rant was to set up a blog. I frankly think he was just tired of listening to me. But, now that he has gone his merry way my wife will have to re-assume her role as the “rant catcher.”


3 Responses to “Glad you stopped by.”

  1. love your rants Hugh! You would not be you without a well-voiced opinion. I suggest the blog so that you could find a wider audience! Keep up the good work.

  2. askmom said

    ‘After enjoying stumbling upon my fellow blogger Mündlichwaffe, I began thinking how ranting is such a negative sounding verb. When I think of someone ranting, my first thought is of their being out of control, which in reality is not so. Ranting results from the pure frustration of living….’
    You got me thinking, so I mentioned your blog in mine. I needed a little perspective!

  3. hkeyton said

    I am duly gratified that anyone should care.

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