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March 30, 2008

To get an idea of what I mean by a “rant”; I submit the following excerpt from a recent letter written to my political party as a result of continual letters requesting donations. We could count on receiving at least one a week on average from the beginning of the so called political process. Not to mention the frequent phone calls from volunteers. One would think elections are awarded to the group that raises the most money. So much for political finance reform. The excerpt follows.

I can only imagine your disappointment when I tell you that I have no intention of fulfilling this commitment coerced from my wife on the telephone by V****** A*******, 12/7/07.
Perhaps that disappointment will make it easier for you to understand my disillusionment in feeling I have already paid far too much for a ringside seat at “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire II”.
We are overextended militarily protecting the sanctity of nearly every country in the world.
The barbarians are flooding across our borders changing our language and culture. Not to mention taking advantage of our educational and welfare systems.
The poor are sucking the life blood out of our middle class whose bread and circuses come in the form of tax rebates, giant screen Super Bowl Sundays, and computer games, vis. “Darfur is Dying”.
The elite ruling and business classes are corrupt and decadent. High taxes, high wages, and high salaries for top executives make it easy to decide to move the labor intensive aspect of their corporations offshore providing yet more and cheaper “bread and circuses” for the moribund middle class.
These high taxes mollify the poor with free medical care, food stamps, minimum wages, and miscellaneous entitlements. And anyone else with a hand open for earmarks and sundry Congressional boondoggles.
No child is left behind as, in lieu of teaching the history and principles which made this nation great, they are taught instead that our heroes had feet of clay. Their heads are filled with collectivist concepts of social engineering, ecological stagnation, and wealth distribution. Worse yet, hygiene studies have deteriorated to showing the methods for slipping a condom onto a cucumber.
While Rome burns, Nero fiddles to the tune of whether or not some baseball personality shot steroids into his butt. Our national morals would put a Roman Bacchanal to shame and we marvel that the Muslim world does not want our culture imported into theirs. No matter how bad theirs may seem.
At the age of 81 I have too long watched the American Spirit slip-slide down a dangerous slope. Like the Juggernaut that it is; it will gather momentum as it goes. It will kill or maim the zealots who hurl themselves into its path.
My $35.00 will neither forestall nor prevent the inevitable.
Warm Regards,

Glad you stopped by.

March 28, 2008

I have been advised by a close friend that the best way to relieve my need to rant was to set up a blog. I frankly think he was just tired of listening to me. But, now that he has gone his merry way my wife will have to re-assume her role as the “rant catcher.”